martes, 6 de abril de 2010

this is the description of the university campus

this is the description of the university campus (Rafael Belloso Chacin)

This internationally recognized university with 20 years of experience has the largest campus among all private universities in the state,with 59,471 m2 of construction,

with 6 buildings in it : a,b,c,d,f,g of 3 floors each, and 168 rooms with capacity for 11,800 people per shift ( day, evening and night) also equipped for with computers and video projection equipment and many many more classrooms specialized Ffor each career.


central plaza, a square in commemoration of the eponymous Rafael Belloso Chacin, and other in memory of the late Pope John Paul II as did a place like the rest with a bust that identifies it, is the patron of workers, San Onofre.

With his own radio and television station, besides the second most complete library of the state, studies are quarterly and are required 10 to graduate from some of the careers the house if study gives, such as: industrial engineering, computer engineering, electronic engineering.

As well as social communications, education and graphic design, also public accounting, marketing, administration, and law.


my university and my life on it.

hello, this is the last unit , its about my university and my life on it. The university has many good things as audio-visual resources, an auditorium for presentations and lectures, and outdoor spaces for recreation and sharing with others, the buildings are three floors each, each room with a capacity of up to 50 students, all with air conditioning and explanations slates which is very useful, as well as an extensive library, cafes and parking for those who have in their own cars.

Is quarterly which carries students are always busy with assignments, you can simultaneously record and view up to 8 materials, you also have 1 weeks for the assessments of such materials which may cause it to be quite stressful weeks, however my college life is fun and complete, we have theater group presenting their work every Thursday, also representing cultural groups weekly events to inform and entertain students. With nearly 30 thousand students, it is easy to meet people and have many friends, I really enjoy my life in college.

that was it, i hope you enjoy, bye.

martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

my neighborhood

Hi, I’m talk about my neighborhood.

Well, as you can see in the picture, I live between 61A street and university avenue, with santa rita avenue, in a house, of two floors, where I live stop being a residential area, it became a business area, most of all auto parts sales, almost all the houses were sold and demolished and then rebuilt with new purposes, offices, workshops, among other things.

Despite this I feel privileged, I am in a very well located area, I have many beneficial sites near, I have the mall center “lago mall” very close, a huge pharmacy “farmatodo” , two Cliniques, “Bahsa” and “Paraiso “, two bakeries “Don Biaggio” and virgen de chiquinquira” also a church called “las Mercedes”, among many more.

Sidewalks are very good for pedestrians but the sun is relentless in this city so its recommended not to walk long distances or have a good umbrella. And also the streets they in very good condition for being the intersection of two important and busy avenues, But this makes the area very restless and noisy.

About the safety it could be said that its relatively secure, a few blocks down there is a dangerous neighborhood called "18 Octubre" because of that my neighborhood is constantly patrolled.

This was all, thanks .

domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010


Unsolved Crimes and Urban Legends

Hi everyone, this unit is about unsolved crimes and urban legends , the first is taken from the history of venezuela, I chose this crime because it has a little of both units, is an unsolved crimen and also an urban legend comes of it, then you read two urban legends of my hometown, Maracaibo. well here they are, enjoi it.

The crime of the Caballero.

Very close to the Cathedral, near the State Government Palace, its the House of the Capitulation. There used to lived the spanish Captain General Francisco Tomás Morales, who were the last representative of the spanish crown, and who signed his capitulation here in 1823, after the Batleship lake, sealing then the Independence of Venezuela.

It`s been told that this House, build in 1700, was killed a housemate wich lastname was Caballero, and since her death, somepeople Heard footsteps and saw silhouettes walking through the house. Other’s say that there are other noises and ghosts, not only because of the Caballero, but to all the servants that were abused to the death under the Shift Commander.

This House provided lodging to Simon Bolivar on one of his visits to Maracaibo.

The electrocuted of Enelven.

Near the Alejandro Borges Baseball Stadium of Maracaibo, passing through La limpia avenue, there is an electric post, that during the night shows a disturbing figure. The legend says that some years ago, and employed of Enelven died electruted there, trying to repare an electric instalation. Today, you can see the silhouette of his shadow, thay appears to be stuck in the nowhere, as a sort of dark paranormal camera. If you are curious enough the go and check it woth you own eyes.

Enchanted Houses

There has always been controversy over this house and others that are abandoned in the city. Many say its haunted, and in fact its sealed in its windows and doors

, at some point would it be used as Maracaibo Subway office, but this never happened.

The owners say its not possessed, or bewitched or enchanted, but its still a mystery why its like this,many people assure hear or see things around the house, They argue that is the reason why it has not sold. Its s

ituated in the Indio Mara sector, avenue

5 de July , Maracaibo.

that was all. I hope you have enjoyed.

miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

people in my life

this paragraph is about Venezuelan families, before the families were numerous have five children or more was a normal thing, starting with the grandparents you can say that they are an important part in the family usually visited in meetings on Sundays. in our days a family with four children is considered large we live in a society where men are always workers and women housewives,, however little by little that mentality has changed.

Birthdays are a big thing in Venezuelan families, when a girl turned fifteen usually its celebrate with a big party, the first dance she does with her father. at chrismas no matter how old you are you will have a present for you waiting under the tree.